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MY Inspiration


Originally from Scotland, I was brought up with tales of Kelpies, Pixies, Fairies & creatures of fantasy.  How they would hide in the long grass,  dance & sing in the clumps of blue bells, live deep in the heart of bullrushes, then when the dark of evening drew in, they would sit in a circle, on the tops of mushrooms & watch the moon.  Hours would be spent looking for my little friends... shy by nature and certainly wary  of human company, they would, or could not be seen by anybody, so you had to believe & hold love for them in your heart. 
I adored the long walks with my Grannie. Whilst we walked, she would fill my head full of colourful images, not only of folklore and their tales but stories of Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. We would pick wild flowers, learn their latin meanings, then press & stick them in scrapbooks. We would climb hills, castles & monuments, slaying mythical dragons along the way! 
My favourite past time would be collecting small shiny stones, funny shaped pebbles or sea shells.  As a young girl I would take many trips to Stirling Castle, imagining myself as Mary Queen of Scots, skipping on the slippery cobbles, peering from the castle turrets & wondering of a life back then. 
Throughout my imaginary play I would constantly be foraging for stones, sea shells,  or shiny objects that would capture my attention. The little stones, glittering pieces of glass or sea shells would all have their own story, each holding a different vibration.  The shell would whisper stories of the sea, the glass would glisten with the vibrations of the sun & moon, each different pebble I found would hold the grounding from Mother Earth.  Carrying them in my hand, I would rub their surface with my fingers, connecting with my new magical find, then squeezing my intentions into my lucky stones,  I would leave them in the moonlight, knowing that the universe would take care of my requests.

Nothing much has changed! without doubt everyday I carry or wear, my beautiful vibrational gifts from Mother Earth. The colours truly lift me & leave me with a great sense of calm & gratitude.​ My imagination is still on fire, still greedy for information and anything magical. Inspiration lies in the heart of all of us, it's the real deal, enabling us to find our true strength to connects us, allowing us to our natural flow.
Love Rocks, is built on inspiring messages of love, strength & spiritual awareness. Of being in the moment, of embracing the vibrational energy held in each beautiful crystal, of giving & receiving wonderful Karma,  being aware of the connection held between people & Animals.  Embracing  love of  yourself, love of each other, of loving intentions,  & just like my beautiful Grannie, smile on the memories we lleave & the footprints we make. ​Welcome to my world and live every minute  like its Golden.
Love and Light


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